Traveling is our passion!
We love discovering new places, sneaking around little streets, visiting big markets, walking for hours... for these reasons, we designed The well-known Oversized Scarf.
When we first thought about it, we wanted to create a comfy, warm,
big and simple scarf with an special and mandatory feature: LIGHTNESS.
We had multiple options of fibers to make this scarf, and after evaluating them all,
we decided that the Fine Wool was the best option. 
The Fine Wool is an environmentally-friendly and 100% natural fiber.
The delicacy with which this rustic fiber has been woven gives us a remarkable lightness.The yarns are made from selected virgin wool that have been spun extra finely. Also, its high thermal properties and extreme smoothness make this fiber the perfect accessory to always take with you. 
The pallete of colors has been growing season to season. We started with 2 neutral shades and this FW 17 season
we count with more than 10 different colors
Planning a trip? Don´t forget to take your Oversized Scarf with you! 


Stone - The oversized scar - Light Beige


Stone - The Oversized Scarf - Bufanda XXL


Stone - The Oversized Scarf - Dark Grey


Stone - Oversized Scarf - Bufanda XXL


Stone - Oversized Scarf - Bufanda XXL