About our natural fibers



alpaca - stone

One of the most exquisite and unknown fibers in the world.

Strong, soft, light and resistant to pilling.

Alpaca is Eco-Friendly. 

The alpaca is a South-American camelid that lives at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters above sea level. Alpacas are considered some of the “greenest” animals around. Their adaptations for living in harsh environments like the Andes give them a light eco-footprint: soft pads in place of hooves leave terrain undamaged, and their efficient eating habits result in greatly reduced water and acreage needs relative to other grazing animals.

Alpaca is also sustainable because an alpaca can produce fleece throughout its life without being harmed. When late spring arrives in the Andes (late fall here in the Northern Hemisphere) and the weather warms up, alpaca ranchers shear their animals for their annual “clip.” While alpacas don’t usually enjoy the shearing process itself, they are noticeably more comfortable after their annual “haircut.”

Because alpaca is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep’s wool, no harsh chemicals are needed to process alpaca fiber, making alpaca ranching 100% natural and safe for the environment.

Why we call it "Baby" Alpaca:

The baby alpaca fiber is only obtained when the alpaca is sheared for the first time, when it is three years old, and the animal is never harmed, thus ensuring the ethical treatment of animals. Its soft touch and natural movement are the result of a delicate combing process of the fiber before it is woven. 




An extraordinary and unique natural fibre.

Mohair is a luxurious natural fibre. It is obtained form the Angora goat.
Unlike the common wools, it´s hair is straight and fine which makes it
very soft and gives it an incomparable shine.
Care instructions: Brush with STONE comb, always in the direction on
the nap.


sheep - stone

An environmentally-friendly and 100% natural fiber.

The delicacy with which this rustic fiber has been woven gives us a remarkable smoothness. The yarns are made from selected virgin wool that have been spun extra finely. Its high thermal properties and extreme lightness make this fiber the perfect accessory to always take with you.



We recommend you to take your natural fiber garment to a professional dry-cleaner. Bring along any labels or care tags that came with the garment, and be sure to point out any spots and stains so they can use the best method to remove them.

dry clean only - Stone tip   Iron - Stone Tip