Fleurs - Blue and Coral

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"Spring blossom is the new beginning of the year. We needed to show this beautiful energy."

This scarf made of 100% high quality cotton is a very stylish garment by its combination of colors. Spring and Summer are the seasons where colors and fun are meant to be. This is why we encourage everyone to wear it in creative ways. Due to the properties of the material is a comfortable light weight scarf and very breathable garment. 

Composition: 100% high quality Cotton

About our Cotton : Is an hypoallergenic natural fiber considered very durable. On the body, cotton has cooling properties as being one of the most breathable fabrics in the world and having good heat conductivity. This allows the body to stay dry, while the skin is able to breathe. This ensures staying cool even in the warmer days in summer.

Strong, soft, light and resistant to pilling.

Care instructions: Cotton is a strong fiber so it is an ideal fabric to washing it frequently without problems. Easy care and low maintenance. Please, always follow the care instructions on your item.

Size: 70 x 180 cm