Infinity Scarf - Dark Grey

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This scarf has been made in a loom in Peru which has a long tradition in alpaca manufacturing. Its nearly seamless confection gives a natural and architectural movement to the garment.

Composition: 100% Baby Alpaca

About our Baby Alpaca: one of the most exquisite and unknown fibers in the world.

Strong, soft, light and resistant to pilling.

The baby alpaca fiber is only obtained when the alpaca is sheared for the first time, when it is three years old, and the animal is never harmed, thus ensuring the ethical treatment of animals. Its soft touch and natural movement are the result of a delicate combing process of the fiber before it is woven. 

Care instructions: We recommend you to take your natural fiber garment to a professional dry-cleaner. Bring along any labels or care tags that came with the garment, and be sure to point out any spots and stains so they can use the best method to remove them.

Size: 180 x 31 cm